The number_format() function return the readable number. it takes one, two or four parameters and doesn't take three parameters. This function gives you an easy way to format numbers for displaying to the user. The number parameter is an only allow numeric value and it will be formatted without a decimal point and with comma (,) as the thousands separator. The Decimals parameter is an optional value. how many numbers after show decimal point. The decimal point parameter is an optional value. it is specified which symbols use. The separator parameter is an optional value. it is specified the thousands separator.
  16 - Jun - 2018
We will have learned how to sending mail with a template using PHP. whenever creating contact form this tutorial is used. first, create html form. take a name, email, subject, and message in this form. after then when click on submit button then Ajax will take data and send the request to another page. I have created jquery validation in this html form and when validations are completed then submit handler through send ajax form data. see follow my example. get the all form data and store in particular variable. This has used the PHP Mail function in the below example. if you want to send mail in the template then create the template and its store in the variable, and this variable can pass in the mail function. if mail will be sent successfully then return the success message otherwise return fail message.
  23 - Jul - 2018
I am telling you by our tutorial that how to show multiple checkboxes checked with multiple arrays using PHP. Whenever checkbox checked with using the database then some people say it is the difficulty. but our tutorial through you would easily understand. We will fetch to car detail from database and disply different car detail with the checkbox . we selected car detail inserts into another database. we need inserted car detail at edit time. because if alerdy exists in the database then the checkbox should be checked in the edit form. below example in, the select_cars array converts into the string with comma sign and explode function by string to convert into the array. if match array value then the checkbox will be checked or the checkbox will be unchecked.
  15 - Aug - 2018
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