When we had fetched the last inserted ID into PHP, we were used to last auto -increment id. but CodeIgniter has provided an insert query (active record style) used to get last insert id. In this Tutorial, I will inform you how to get last inserted id from the table in CodeIgniter. Generally, the insert_id() CodeIgniter function returns the last inserting id from Mysql database. Sometimes, when you need to insert a record of one table to another table at that time use insert_id function. We hope you can learn something from this post.
  02 - Jun - 2018
In this tutorial, I will inform you how to get the last record from the MySQL table in CodeIgniter. we need sometimes the last record in MySQL using CodeIgniter. Codeigniter's provide Active record library, its library used to get the last record in MySQL and see below example. if you want to get last record from database In case you used of CodeIgniter function order_by, limit, get and row. it functions help to get a single row of the result. See below the example of getting the last record from MySQL using CodeIgniter.
  02 - Jun - 2018
A sitemap is described navigate of the website. users can easily search to navigate the site by sitemap. it is creating in the XML coding. we have given below example of how to create dynamic XML sitemap using Codeigniter. Add the below code in your controller file and Get the data from the database you want to create sitemap URL and pass it in the view file.
  02 - Jun - 2018
some data that contains special characters (e.g. single quote, double quote. special characters removed from a string using the preg_replace function. In this tutorial, I will inform you how to remove the special character from string in PHP. we want to remove all special characters from the string by using preg_replace. So, its function will remove any special character except letter and numbers.
  02 - Jun - 2018
In this tutorial, I will inform you How to create Pagination with PHP and MySql. Pagination means document content dividing into multiple pages. whenever we have one long page at that time we dividing into multiple pages. if you want to create pagination using MySQL at that time use limit clause, it takes two arguments first is "offset" and the second is the "end". end means a number of records returned from the database. I have share post next and previous button with code in this tutorial and I hope it will be helping you. below example in 3 records displayed per page.
  03 - Jun - 2018
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