Whenever click or focus on textbox (input box) then will be open the dialog box, after then we can easily select a date. if you want to close datepicker dialog box then click anywhere on the page, after then datepicker dialog box will be closed. The page will be attractive to put or paste a datepicker inside the form. In this following example in First load the jquery Ui CSS and second load the jquery min js and after then load the jquery Ui js. I think this tutorial will be you helpful.
 02 - Jun - 2018
Today, I will discuss regarding form validation of jquery. when the user submitted the form at that time required for input field validation. there are two types of validation, first is server side and second is client side. see below example of jquery validation (client-side).
 10 - Jun - 2018
When will you click on delete recorded, after then will open dialog box and will ask you, are you sure delete this record. that time this tutorial help you. This is a way of ensuring that items are not accidentally deleted, or the wrong item deleted by mistake. When clicked on the link, then open confirmation box. if the user selects 'ok' then delete is done. if the user selects on 'no' or 'cancel' then not delete records. See below example.
 10 - Jun - 2018
in this post, I give you an example, sometimes require the remove all spaces from a string, jquery through easily remove spaces from a string. sometimes use the trim function to remove space from a string but here all spaces removed from a string so here used replace function. See below example.
 10 - Jun - 2018
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