If you just want to use the '+' symbol or another ASCII special characters in list items. by default, symbols provide such as square, circle, and disc symbols can be boring at that time require custom ASCII special characters in list items. so we help you with this tutorial. When creating a list of items in a well-structured format. There are two types of lists item unordered lists and ordered lists. the specifies the list-style-type of marker list item in below example.
 02 - Jun - 2018
Today, we will learn how to custom change in placeholder using style. CSS through we can change in text placeholder like as font-color, font-size, and font-weight. custom style doing it in placeholder then textbox look will be attractive. Different pseudo selectors are used in different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Opera for used to "-webKit-input-placeholder" pseudo selectors, Firefox for used to "-moz-placeholder" pseudo selectors and IE 10+ for used to "-ms-input-placeholder" pseudo selectors. in this below example help through you can change in placeholder text.
 02 - Jun - 2018
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